Regularly I experience aha moments while showering. In the shower I unwind and apparently my brain-threads do too. Maybe you remember the plane which was taken down above Ukraine last year. My brain-threads were overactive during that time and the shower was much needed to calm down a bit 😉

Many people find it difficult to take responsibility.
Admitting you have been (or are) wrong; it is even harder.

Today, I still believe ‘the Russians’ should cooperate with a tribunal, if that’s still required. I don’t assume, without prove, ‘they’ were involved. However, in my opinion, they have to take responsibility as a human being. As human, you just want to figure out who was responsible for that fatal error, responsible for the pain and sorrow.
When the persons involved are found (doubt if that will ever happen), those persons have to take responsibility and admit they have committed a horrific crime. It is up to the victims (in this case relatives), if they will be able to forgive.

Forgive, another difficult topic. To forget is, without a doubt, almost always out of the question for us humans. It is impossible to forgive a person, when he/she doesn’t take responsibility and subsequently doesn’t acknowledge that he/she was or is wrong.

Even if the responsibility is taken, a ‘mistake’ is owned up to, being able to forgive remains difficult. The ‘mistake’ was too horrible, or hurtful. Or smaller ‘mistakes’ were made too often time and time again. In that case I believe there’s only one option left:

Forgive the person who made the mistake, just for the simple fact he/she is human.

To forget seems to be impossible, when it comes down to mistakes another person has made. Not all mistakes can even be forgiven, however perhaps it is possible to forgive your fellow human being that he/she IS a human being, just like you?
A person who makes mistakes, not always able/willing to take responsibility for his/her actions, able/willing to admit he/she was or is wrong, just like you.

After all, you do not have to be in each other’s lives, to let one and another just be 😉

N.B. I’m a Dutch soul, living in Germany, therefore my English will not be perfect?
Original post in Dutch: Nederlandse versie

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6 Responses

  1. The message is really strong here.
    I have earned quite a lot of wisdom reading through this for free.

    Thank you so much Pat, I am looking at the world today and the fact is that our humanity aspect is running down the low, we are tuning in from human beings to human doings so we tend to see a lot of people turning their emotions off unwillingly during this unknown transition.
    Hence, forgiving, taking responsibility are the base aspect of bringing in growth of more negative influences around us too. – Cezane

Love connecting with my neighbors at our globe :-)

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