Sowing Season Update May 2017

High time to give you an update about the progress of the sowing season. If you happen to miss step 1 and 2, you can find those here and here.

Over here in West-Europe the climate usually starts to get a bit better during April, however frost is still something to be beware of. I forgot about that and placed my young plants in the greenhouse to early. One day with sunshine and temperatures above 15 degrees Celsius, doesn’t mean Spring has arrived, so I had to carry all my pots and cups back inside.

Fortunately, in May the weather significantly improved and I could carry them back out again 🙂

Use big pots for tomato plants, because they can grow big!

All you have to do the rest of the season is give them enough water, at hot summer days extra water. This year we decided to provide the tomato-plants tap water, because after two years in a row plants being sick due to rain-water, well, better safe than sorry 😉

Besides growing plants in the greenhouse I also have a little vegetable garden outside. The process is similar: look at the package (or at internet) for the sowing conditions/advise. The same way as in the small greenhouses, I put the seeds in the earth:

My husband created last year little squares and we use self-made wooden squares with ‘garden-fleece’ (I don’t know the English term) to protect the young plants from hungry insects.

I have also larger plastic bins in my greenhouse and in there I did sow beans, cucumber and courgettes. They are ready to go outside, in the squares and hopefully produce a lot of vegetables again. In one bin I hope to grow Rucola (lettuce/salad); this year I will keep it in my greenhouse, because I hope the snails won’t find it there.
As you can see at the pictures, the tomatoes, and peppers thrive 🙂

In an other part of our garden I grow strawberries, raspberries, and all kinds of herbs.
The mint has grown so fast, I will have to cut it back a bit, because the chives is somewhere in there and the chamomile is about to disappear too…

Maybe I have green fingers, maybe Mother Nature likes me, but mostly I think it’s about having patience, put in a lot of energy and time and then everyone can grow his/hers own vegetables 😉

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