As I get older, I realize more and more that the natural needs of dogs actually don’t differ much from our natural needs. As well as dogs, we feel better as part of a committed family; no matter the family relation, or how big your family is. Healthy food and drinks are just as important to our health. A roof over our head, enough exercise, structure, clear guidelines …

A Dreampack doesn’t have to include dogs. A person living on his own can also live and create a Dreampack. I strongly believe all living creatures on this globe deserve a Dreampack.

Since we are all unique, our Dreampacks will also be unique. I’ve asked a few writers to share their thoughts regarding what (a) Dreampack means to them. Of course, I had to ask my dear friend a marvelous poet, Manuel, to write a piece for me too.

Enjoy this guest-blog of the Beautiful Soul Manuel from EmotionsofLife:




Within a dream

The pack came to be,

Showered by a light stream

The lone wolf embraced the “WE”


Out of a vision

ONE become the many,

To challenge reality’s decision

And its frenzy


Pack of wolves

But only one soul

Committed to others and themselves

To exchange emotions just to feel whole.



Not just for an epoch…….

For an eternity,

For out of a dream it was born artfully.


~ M.O.


Thank you dear Manuel for -again- a beautiful contribution to my website.
Your friendship means a lot to me.


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Love to connect with my neighbors on our globe :-)

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