My friend, Kally, and I connected via WordPress about a 1.5 year ago and our friendship got stronger and became very dear to me. A while ago, she suggested I wrote an article about my career so far: I did and she was so kind to publish it on her website 🙂
I know the content is more important than the grammar/spelling, but a refreshment of that in English, I have to add to my ‘to-do-list’ 😉
Anyways, I hope you enjoy reading and follow Kally at MiddleMe for great tips on freelancing!

I know the saying of online friends are not real friends, however, I have forged many meaningful and lasting friendship with some of you here. One of those is Patty from Dreampack, a wonderful website that dedicates to connect beautiful souls and to guide those who are lost and let them know they always have […]

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