Call me crazy, call it wishful thinking, but I am starting to believe Spring will arrive earlier this year in the part of Germany we live. Normally, during March and April we’ll have to endure days with snow, hail, sunshine and rain, all on the same day. Over the last couple of weeks, we already had some of those days… Without any warning… hail:

Today we had a true Spring-day, about 14 to 15 degrees Celsius and regularly Sunshine. Days like that, usually occur in February at the earliest.  Looking around our courtyard, I noticed several Spring flowers popping up above the ground and even the Clematis starts to grow again.

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Last week I shared with you our project of creating a little Dreampack for Joy. It is finished and she is very happy with it. That means we are too 🙂

A day later as mentioned in that same post, but hereby an update about the start of the growing season:

Collected the seeds I saved over the years and threw out the ones with an expiration date before 2017. Seeds with an expiring date of 2017 will grow this year too, especially if you purchased a good brand.
Every year, before the time comes to start sowing, I consider carefully what to grow upcoming season. What did we actually eat, which vegetables did we buy a lot and is low maintenance to grow ourselves. Experience taught me, if it is too much work, you will lose the passion for vegetable-gardening. I always try new fruits or vegetables, but not more than three different kinds 😉
Also take into consideration the available space you have for growing your vegetables and/or fruits. Do research how large a plant will be and wherein you will have your plants flourish (jars, small borders, large vegetable garden, greenhouse, etc.).
After my overview is finished: what do I still have, what do I need to order, well… I order the seeds I am going to sow upcoming season. I do this online.

If you have questions about how to prepare yourself for the new sowing season to come, don’t hesitate to ask!

Of course, I realize it is still January, however this woman of the Sun truly hopes she is not crazy and my senses are right. Wishful thinking, probably. Fingers crossed Spring arrives earlier this year 😉