Patience…is just not my ‘thing’ (My Dreampack)

This woman of the Sun is happy the yellow ball is sending more warmth again and spring is about to arrive. I noticed birds returning from the south and several plants are started to grow again. Unfortunately, Father Winter decided to stay a bit longer. Which means we have days with some snow…

As always our Joy helps me with shredding the boxes, only possible because she is at an age, she understands boxes should not be consumed 😉 Perfect activity on days it is just to cold or wet outside to go for longer walks, or play in the garden.

You might remember, last December most of my teeth were taken out and since then, I try to get adjusted to dentures. It is not an easy process 🙁 Still unable to eat everything and yesterday the dentist informed me, a part of the bone in my mouth (above) is not healed enough yet to get my permanent dentures. April the next appointment, I am healing quicker as the average and I need to be patient. Till then, I have to stick to the special glue so my temporary dentures won’t fall out during consuming a meal.

Patience. Just not my ‘thing’. Mother Nature seems to agree with me…

However, not a fool either 😉 So, decided to start sowing this year (indoors) in March, even though the seeds I ordered arrived already. Meanwhile, keeping my fingers crossed all the new life in the garden will survive the upcoming Siberian-like cold days, the weatherman did forecast.

Eager to enjoy all the beautiful flowers again, warmer temperatures, eat a big juicy steak again…

Patience is just not my ‘thing’ 😉

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