Short update and Other Beautiful Posts (June 2018)

The last couple of weeks I’ve been very busy studying, celebrating my birthday, enjoying and dancing at a music festival, getting my mouth prepared for dentures and taking care of my personal Dreampack. The end of this month is nearing, thus next week I will create a monthly update again. Today I am happy to announce I also finished a specialization course I wanted to do: Woop Woop 🙂

For the co-creating part of this website I updated all connected pages and added a new one, which you can find here: Master Coach (click).  In case you missed my mentioning I wrote my personal manifesto: you can read it here: Manifesto (click). Such a rewarding educational process to go through at a personal level. I highly recommend doing this and if you could use some guidance in creating yours… For the time being, I offer my coaching program for free 😉

I’ve been catching up on reading websites and blogs of fellow bloggers/writers and came across three Beautiful Posts I would like to bring to your attention.

Honestly can’t remember if I shared this post with you already, but I love it so much and I feel it’s absolutely beautiful and full of wisdom:

CLEARING III by Katherin Garland. Katherin also wrote a book ‘The Unhappy Wife’ and recently published one she edited ‘Daddy’. The latter I have to read myself, but I am already convinced it will be a good read. So don’t forget to check those books out: KE Garland

Dr. Gulara Vincent recently offered a free healing session and I signed up. Her friendly voice guided me, and other participants, through a process after which I felt emotional,  but also felt a sense of relief. She is still offering these sessions for a reduced price, until  June 25 2018, so hop over quickly to this page HERE (click) in case you have writers-block or even, like I did, a personal blockage.

Do you also love inspirational and thought-provoking quotes? Kally of MiddleMe does too and she posts one every week on Wednesday. The one of June 12, 2018… a great reminder, we all need to do 😉 You can find the quote HERE (click). However, if you are a freelancer or looking for freelance work, make sure you visit Kally’s site more often, because this lady provides fabulous advice.

Three amazing ladies, worthwhile to follow 😉

Next week I will pick up writing myself again, for now wishing you all an energetic weekend!

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Love connecting with my neighbors at our globe :-)

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