As one of my dear blogging colleague reminded me earlier this week, it is impossible to stay up-to-date with all the beautiful posts bloggers and writers create. I try to keep up with 75 blogs per week, however, even for a connector and Master Coach, like me 🙂 , life follows its own course and we cannot control all. Although…

For instance, you could make your to-do-list much more fun, which I explain in a text-video (watch), choose what you want to believe and acknowledge the Beautiful Souls you ARE.

Time is another example of a concept most of us feel we can’t control. I say it often: “where did the day, week, year go?” and “time flies!”, the latter especially when having fun.

Did you ever realize, that time is an emotion?!! And emotions are thoughts?!!

Like all thoughts and emotions, time is just another perspective you have. We can choose how to spend our time, choose what is less or more important to us. It is impossible to live in the moment all the time, but we can focus on the now instead of dwelling in the past or worrying about the future.

In addition, acknowledging the fact you are a human being first, not a wizard, thus not able to go through life without sleep, food, beverages and relaxing time AND stay healthy at the same time. Regardless if you are a CEO, mother, student, or whatever role(s) you’ve chosen to fulfill.

Being aware of this, might help improve structuring your days, at least make you realize you can control more than you think 😉

For me personally, this means I choose to stick to a daily schedule, which includes enough free time to be able to adjust flexible when life happens, to make sure I will not feel cranky.

In general, it also means we can’t stay connected to all neighbors of our choice all the time. As long as we make an effort to stay in touch regularly, those Beautiful Souls will understand. In case they don’t, well, I am going to write about that next week 😉

So! Don’t freak out, if you’re not able to keep up with all and everyone. Don’t stress if you can’t finish all tasks in one day. It is OK to drop everything once in a while and just BE.

With this in mind, I hope you allow yourself to have a fabulous weekend!