Update July 2018 (My Dreampack)

Woop Woop! Our yearly-three-weeks-of-free-time-together started this weekend, in short holiday 🙂 Since we plan to stay mostly at home, I’ve time to catch up with about 75 fellow bloggers/writers, finalize my third coaching program and other writing/art projects. Today, I will give you an update on our garden, as promised last month.

While I was dancing and having fun at a music-festival during a weekend in June, my husband surprised me by starting to renovate our swing bench. This month he finished it and I am so, so happy 🙂 And yes, very grateful too!

A heat wave is keeping us company for weeks and weeks now, hardly any rain in July. This means we have to water the plants, flowers, trees and vegetables on a daily base.
Fortunately, we have access to huge water tanks filled with rainwater, although, the vegetables and fruits we use tap-water. The rainwater started to smell and we don’t want to risk adding diseases to the plants. Running around with garden hoses and watering cans is my daily fitness, jeeeez!

But hey…its worth the effort I believe 😉

The vegetables and fruit:

The flowers:
The mint is officially a herb, but is flourishing abundantly this year. The bees and bumblebees are very happy with that 🙂 We have more different kind of flowers in our garden, some of them I forgot the names again (this woman of lists should write them down, haha), but the bees seem to favor the flowers of the mint.

For the regular readers… Nope, no picture of a smile yet. The frame of the denture didn’t fit. Long story short, a new one is created and this month (August) I hope it will finally be ready. If that happens, I promise, will post a picture of a smiling me 🙂

Next month’s update will be about what we do during a stay-at-home holiday. One thing we always do, is reflect on our current status in life. Still happy? Is our Dreampack still thriving the way we prefer? Changes needed? Probably not, but it is always good to check at a regular base 😉

Anyway, I am mostly at home… thus stay connected!



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8 Responses

  1. Looking foward seeing your smile, although i’m sure you have a beautiful smile with our without the exact frame!
    Here the temperature seems to be ‘normal’ again, at least today, hopefully gives me the energy to go in to the garden and do some cleaning up 🙂
    whish you a lovely stay home holiday; enjoy!! xx

    1. Very kind of you to say, dear Helena. But without, well…I could participate in a horror-movie haha And no, that is not being to harsh, that is just reality 😉
      Thank you! Enjoy your free days and weekend too! XxX

    1. Thanks Katherin. If all goes as planned, this time, upcoming Wednesday I should be done.
      I truly hope so, cause I really want to start eating solid food again. I even miss the sound of crunching chips LOL

Love connecting with my neighbors at our globe :-)

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