Other Beautiful Post ~ Letter 35 to Life by Samantha

Samantha is a peer coach and I started recently to follow, and connect with, this Beautiful Soul. Besides other enjoyable content, she shares her Letters to Life. Her latest, number 35, a great reminder to not overlook what is really important šŸ˜‰

Wishing you all a marvelous weekend,

Dear Life,

As I was sitting with my parents in the car yesterday, it didnā€™t take long before they picked up their favourite hobby: bickering with one another.

For the love of you, Life, I cannot remember the last time my parents werenā€™t involved in a seemingly pointless discussion. I tried really hard, but I just couldnā€™t remember.

But just as I was getting ready to release another sigh… READ MORE (Click)

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Become aware and follow your inner calling that is your true self. Itā€™s one of the purposes of the webinars starting August 1, 2019. For years Iā€™ve been connecting with various people all over our globe, mainly through blogging. This led to several collaborations in the past and to my section ā€˜When Souls Connectā€˜. Because, dear readers, when we do reach out to each other, amazing outcomes can be realized.


Acknowledge ;-)

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Love to connect with my neighbors at our globe :-)

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