Books are a great gift too 🙂  No matter your belief-system, we all like gifts. To get them, to give them. I’ve read a wonderful quote on Facebook the other day: “Reading can seriously damage your ignorance”. That is so true, however, it depends on what you read of course. The books I am going to highlight are fiction, maybe a nice gift for someone on your ‘Christmas-list’ or to get for yourself 😉

The first book:

Written by the Beautiful Soul Tanya Cliff: you can read my review HERE (click), or read more about it @ the website of Tanya HERE (click). I am already looking forward to what Tanya will create next 🙂

The second book:

Another Beautiful Soul I regularly connect with is Gary of Fiction is Food. A magnificent writer and I am very happy for him! I recently learned one of his short stories is published in a collection, jam-packed with adventurous, unique, and new stories of both science fiction and the fantastical. Going to gift myself with this book during my upcoming vacation. A book Gary has written (not published yet, unfortunately), or one he is featured in… a must read! Find out more HERE (click)

The third book:

I happen to know that this writer is working hard to finish a book in a totally different genre (his own words and if I remember correct, he dislikes the term genre). However, the trilogy I believe is a must read: The Eternal Series by Richard M. Ankers. Find more about them in my review HERE (click)

Book four and five:/h4>

Two other books I can highly recommend are those written by Katherin E Garland. Read the review of Daddy HERE (click) and The Unhappy Wife HERE (click). In both posts you will find all the info you need to get these amazingly well written books. I am sure, you will gain new insights like I did !

Again, books are great gifts. Hope you are intrigued and make above neighbors happy by getting them 😉