Become aware and follow your inner calling that is your true self (Live Webinars)

video 80% is Psychology webinars

Become aware and follow your inner calling that is your true self. It’s one of the purposes of the webinars starting August 1, 2019. For years I’ve been connecting with various people all over our globe, mainly through blogging. This led to several collaborations in the past and to my section ‘When Souls Connect‘. Because, dear readers, when we do reach out to each other, amazing outcomes can be realized.

80% is Psychology

Mathias Sager developed three courses in the past and I am so grateful to be able to co-host the online versions with him. Convinced contributing my free time to this project will lead to gaining knowledge and wonderful new connections.
This is what one of the participants, of previous onsite workshops, provided as feedback:  

“Attending Mathias’ sessions, no matter what the theme is, helped me broaden my world, improve my communication skills and grow both as a human and a business person. The sessions were delivered in a friendly way that all participants were welcomed to ask questions and exchange their opinions. A lot of productive discussion taught us the importance of being open-minded, learning different ideas, agreeing to disagree and, perhaps most importantly, being positive.”

During the live webinars we aim to provide a similar experience. In below video, Mathias tells you more about the content of the courses.

We can learn so much from each others’ stories and perspectives. Join us, become aware and follow your inner calling that is your true self.

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  1. We can do so much more with eachother than we can do on our own :-)… At this moment i’m reading ‘Het intentie-effect, the power of >8’… amazing… in one word.
    I will keep on following you 🙂 xx

Love to connect with my neighbors on our globe :-)

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