Become aware and follow your inner calling that is your true self (Live Webinars)

video 80% is Psychology webinars

Become aware and follow your inner calling that is your true self. It’s one of the purposes of the webinars starting August 1, 2019. For years I’ve been connecting with various people all over our globe, mainly through blogging. This led to several collaborations in the past and to my section ‘When Souls Connect‘. Because, […]

Inspiring Quote – Audrey Hepburn

Reach out to, connect with, and acknowledge Beautiful Souls is nowadays easier than ever. Besides sharing a smile with your neighbor, being friendly to the lady behind the counter, care for other living creatures; treating each other with respect in our daily encounters, we also have various opportunities through social media. Every now and then I share a quote/phrase/saying […]

Freedom of Opinion and Information (Updated)

These days violence, intolerance, racism, discrimination seems to increase again. More and more people need to flee their homes and/or their countries, in the hope to find safety and peace elsewhere on our big Dreampack. When even leaders have forgotten our Universal Human Rights, I feel it’s time and very important to remind us all again […]

Learn to increase your Awareness Intelligence

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Learn to increase your Awareness Intelligence is the empowering new concept of Mathias Sager. As my regular readers know, I truly believe When Souls Connect meaningful connections can be built. In addition, great collaborations are possible. I am very excited about a project Mathias and myself are providing, as of August 1, 2019. 80% is Psychology Through blogging, […]

Do you acknowledge you are a Beautiful Soul?

On one of my main pages, Beautiful Souls, I write about the importance of acknowledging each other and provide a few ways how to acknowledge (blogging/writing) our neighbors. However, it is equally important to acknowledge yourself. As a multi-disciplinary guidance practitioner, I guide neighbors on a global scale and have them reflect themselves by asking […]