Emotionsoflive & Mimosa Pudica: Conversation @ Distance: Nothing or All?

It has been a while, due to busy schedules and although we connect regularly…writing together, doesn’t happen as often as we both would like. We hope you like our latest transformation of a conversation into a poem. As always, a pleasure connecting dear Manuel. Lets find time to create another poem soon, ok?! Big hug! […]

EmotionsofLife & Mimosa Pudica ~ Extinction

Extinction Extinction event Nobody is content. The source still cares Didn’t you feel the tears? Extinction event The one who passed away!!! It even left a scent Is it here to stay? Extinction inevitable Not always preferable Some voluntary Some mandatory Extinction inevitable May be questionable One aspect a certainty That scent means harmony Extinction […]

Emotionsoflife & Mimosa Pudica ~ Respect

  No matter background, Religion or belief, It should not be Needed to Achieve   Freely it must be given, The vicious circle, CAN and MUST Be broken.   Self-destruction, Such violence Must be considered An illegal ambition.   Freely it must be given First to yourself Then pass it on To your neighbors   […]

Emotionsoflive & Mimosa Pudica: Conversation @ Distance: New View

New View A new view, Must I experience? A new design, Must I create? A new journey, Why so afraid? The path feels familiar, Yet complications do not. Fear of change Can be overwhelming Emotions feel strange Breaking old patterns Achieving new goals Creating other standards Are those complications real? Worth turning the wheel? Those […]

Emotionsoflife & Mimosa Pudica ~ Humanity

Humanity   Present in all of us For we are human So why discuss For we are human The color of skin For we are human Put up a fake grin For we are human Using senseless violence For we are human Dwelling in idleness For we are human Humanity converts to a cuss? Intoxicated […]

Emotionsoflife & Mimosa Pudica: Human Strenght

Human Strength Icy blue soul, Shared a pillow, Shared no goal, Lonely pillar. Secret shadows, Human wreck, Getting close, Human wreck!!! All seems lost Soul icy blue Emotions frost Numb till dew Struggling light Strong enough? Endless flight Strong enough? Once before Neon in the dark Wanting more and more Left a mark. Temptation sinks […]