When you need to get rid of others out of your soul

Opinions. Belief-systems. Values. Norms. Cultures. We all have them, or are part of them. Readers who have been following me for a while, know I have specific ones. The older I get, the more I study and read to gain knowledge about belief-systems and the opinions, values, norms, cultures of my neighbors. To me knowledge […]

Review Developing Leadership Skills ~ course created by Mathias Sager

For years I worked in the corporate world and married to a global manager, who still works in a multinational, I immediately took the opportunity to follow the course Developing Leadership Skills created by Mathias Sager. Mathias and I connect for quit some time now, mostly via our websites, and we love to debate about […]

Daddy ~ edited by Dr. K E Garland ~ Review

Among the blogs and websites I follow myself, I have a few authors on my weekly reading list. About two weeks ago, I posted the review of The Legend of the Lumenstones written by Tanja Cliff. Another author I connected with for over two years already is Dr. K E Garland. This inspirational woman wrote […]