Review: The Legend of the Lumenstones ~ Tanya Cliff

Among the blogs and websites I follow myself, I have a few authors on my weekly reading list. For Katherin E. Garland I wrote my first review on my website in Patty-style as I like to call it, because I am not an official reviewer  Last year, I  also wrote two reviews for Richard M. Ankers and one for another talented […]

Another Awesome Blogger Award

Last week I wrote about the saying that the best things in life are free. Days with such high temperatures one better doesn’t move too much, which are free too (like it or not 😉  ) are perfect days to answer the questions, belonging to another Awesome Blogger Award I received. The lovely Aishwarya Shah of […]

When cultural differences disappear and Beautiful Souls connect

Usually, I don’t watch a lot of programs on television which are sport related. A big admirer of Roger Federer, tennis-player and living legend, and when I remember he is playing in one of the four big ATP tournaments, I try to watch. Also soccer I don’t watch regularly. The European Championship or World Championship, when […]

Belief-systems, unawareness, ignorance and (dis-)trust.

Frequently, I ask people during coaching sessions to reflect their selves. A subject that I address is to think about your own belief-systems. In particular, the hidden belief-systems that drive us all. “Hidden belief systems are what drive our life. Limiting beliefs are hard to see because they are unconscious and influence our behaviors and […]