The Strix ~ The End

The Strix started as a group of seven talented bloggers who came together to stand as one big happy family. The unconditional love within this group is endless, as much as it is powerful. However, members of a family are each unique individuals and need to be able to follow their own paths; follow their hearts […]

The Strix ~ Mental Illness

This month’s topic is Mental Illness, choice of Kashaf. As always, The Strix brings you different perspectives via Expression Crossing Continents. Kashaf, John, Manuel and our newest member Eric created pieces of art with the topic in mind. ******************************************************************* Shook! Those sweaty hands trembled as I started typing to release the rest of the stress […]

The Strix ~ Family

We human beings thrive better as part of a family by nature and nowadays a family can consist of just one person, a couple (regardless the gender), with or without children. Blood is thicker than water is said, when it comes down to family. Is it? The statistics regarding divorces, incest, domestic abuse, child abuse […]

The Strix ~ Summer

This time the topic was chosen by John and I thought ‘Summer? Spring hasn’t even really started yet’. Then I realized, Summer did start in parts of the world already, as it also did where John lives. The Summer season may remind you of blue skies, with the sun shining bright, bringing warmth into your […]

The Strix ~ Nurture

Unfortunately, Zigyasa and Kashaf weren’t able to join this time at our collaboration for Nurture, a wonderful topic chosen by Emily. Grateful and happy Manuel was able to step in at the last minute and also excited and honored Jonathan accepted our invitation to create a piece of art for The Strix. We hope you […]

The Strix ~ Authentic

~ The Only You ~ Give me your bold truth show me your whole face reveal me your entire heart peel back your camouflaged layers tell me your past, your past’s past feed me your version of facts open up your naked soul raw read me no narratives false underneath the molded mask lifetimes of […]