Unconditional positive regard and intentions

Unconditional positive regard and intentions. Unconditional. Positive regard, acceptance, love. It has been quite a while that my own brain-threads prevented me from falling asleep. Normally a breathing technique, combined with focusing on one thought (‘do not think’), does the trick. However, this week, some evenings, I found it difficult to embrace the much-needed sleep. […]

Boost Your Soul: Acceptance is KEY to it all.

Last year I participated in the annual Kindness Challenge of Niki Meadows and one of the goals I had given myself was ‘Let go’. No matter how often I continued to tell myself to ‘Let Go’, I discovered there are matters, I simply cannot. For instance, as I described in my previous post, I will […]

Darkness can be an inspiration to find light again.

December is a month which can be a joyful period in your life, at the same time, it can also be a tough month. Darkness can literally consume you and the belief there is always hope, maybe too hard to hold on to. For me personally, this time of the year is both: looking forward […]