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Other Beautiful Post ~ by Jonathan Noble

Enjoying our last week of holiday, reading blogs of fellow writers/bloggers again and I noticed the return of Jonathan Noble. So grateful he is back in our virtual Dreampack. A marvelous poet, among other very pleasant qualities 😉 Welcome back, dear Jonathan! From Asylum to Freedom — noblethemes Shattered and broken and hearing voices ill-spoken, Seeing […]

The Strix ~ Mental Illness

This month’s topic is Mental Illness, choice of Kashaf. As always, The Strix brings you different perspectives via Expression Crossing Continents. Kashaf, John, Manuel and our newest member Eric created pieces of art with the topic in mind. ******************************************************************* Shook! Those sweaty hands trembled as I started typing to release the rest of the stress […]

The social role of painting art

I just have to share this: PHILOSOPHY OF BEAUTY The social role of painting art Many intellectuals believe that: Art, as social production, has no impact on other forms of social life. Artistic creation does not alter social, political or economic systems; Whereas the reverse is very possible. Art, as a human practice, does not […]