Beautiful Souls worthwhile to visit

Mid January, I wrote about my intention to create at least one introduction-page for a Beautiful Soul I come across in the Blogworld. I also planned to update my progress once a week. As always, life got in the way with my good intentions. Regular readers know this, acknowledgment is important to me and I created […]

Acknowledging Beautiful Souls again :-)

Online, you can take ridiculous and at the same time funny tests. Sometimes, I take one and the last one told me, I had broken 7 New Year’s resolutions. I was shocked. And then I laughed, because it is so me. Not that I don’t keep my promises, sometimes it takes me a lot longer […]

A new writing project thanks to a Beautiful Soul

There are a lot of marvelous writers and bloggers in the virtual Dreampack and I am very excited and grateful, one of these Beautiful Souls gave me permission to translate some articles of him into English 🙂 Started to translate the first article and I hope to publish it soon, but I did already create […]

Awesome Blogger Award and update for a Beautiful Soul

November 20, 2017 a (in her own words) lucky girl who has seen a lot and done a lot and never wants to stop nominated me for the Awesome Blogger Award. This Beautiful Soul, Jess of Daring To Jess, totally surprised me with this one! This award I haven’t received before, I am so grateful ! Thank you […]

Back to my roots as a blogger

Probably everyone can resonate with the feeling doing something and it just doesn’t quite feel right. My project Beautiful Souls was one of those activities at my blog, I couldn’t put my energy into it for some reason. In 2016 I uploaded pages within basic information from Beautiful Souls I came across in the blogging-world. […]

Other Beautiful Posts by Deborah, John, Jason, David and Joan

Today WordPress informed me I’ve got some new followers again. Excited as any blogger would be, at the same time at bit anxious. For me the amount of followers means that people like what I do, and if you follow me for a while, you already know; acknowledgement is important to me. So, yes, thrilled […]