Other Beautiful Posts ~ K E Garland, Mr Legend, Danicanallen, Tanya Cliff

Reaching out, connecting and acknowledging are very important and by hopping over each day to various blogs/websites and reading the Beautiful Posts written by others, our neighbors, I come across so many exciting, wonderful and/or thought-provoking pieces, I made the decision to share as of today, not just one, but several ‘Other Beautiful Posts’ once […]

We all can be(come) Beautiful Souls

Before I literally write a new post/article, I always have a lot of thoughts going through my mind. Working at a new page, momentarily ‘Boost Your Soul’, I write some down to make sure I don’t forget those brain threads. Just now, I was working at another part of my website (general maintenance) and I […]

Depression: You are NOT alone !

To bring awareness to this subject, but especially for all you dear Beautiful Souls who are feeling depressed, I’ve created this compilation. To remind you, you are not alone. Depending on the level of the depression you are going through, there are various ways to climb out of the dark valley, within you find yourself captured. […]

Lets be Beautiful

The last day of 2016 and yes, it was a chaotic year. New Year Resolutions I don’t do,  why wait for tomorrow 😉 So, I will continue to add Beautiful Souls to my page for that, continue to share posts and art from fellow bloggers, continue to write articles for Dreampack, about Natural Living in […]

The Road to Success in Happiness — roamwildandfree

Adding beautiful souls again to my page for that and came across this very inspiring and fullof whisdom post, which I really think you all should read ! We’re lounging around a crackling fire surrounded by an assortment of friends we’ve met on the road brought together by our love for climbing, furry friends, and […]

Dare to be vulnerable

These days it is harder then ever to be vulnerable. To take down your wall and let people in, to connect. I’m not a saint, not a hippie either. Should someone threaten my Dreampack, well…let’s just say I go through fire for my beloved ones 😉 Everything seems different with the increasing violence; a short […]