Without a vision and a mission

Without a vision and a mission life can become quite superficial. Right? Living your life accordingly to your core values is important, they are even crucial to be able to find your meaning of, and to, life. <h3>Mission of Dreampack</h3> <p>I have been building my virtual Dreampack for over a decade and recently I became aware of […]

Woop Woop! A whole new year ahead :-)

Woop Woop! A whole new year ahead 🙂 Are you excited too?! So many new adventures waiting, opportunities and marvelous new choices we can make to create a Dreampack. Gather Beautiful Souls around us and make wonderful new connections. Reflect, set goals, create routines Before I tell you about my new goals for 2019, I […]

Acknowledge by supporting each other…

Supporting your neighbors doesn’t have to cost a lot money, time or energy. Although you should thrive the way you chose to and thus not have your choices depend on other’s opinions, we all like some kind of acknowledgement. In the blogging-world writers and bloggers acknowledge each other via Awards. Since I am enjoying a […]

Once again purely about that decency ~ By Marije de Gans

As I often share at this website, and emphasized this week, when Beautiful Souls connect amazing connections do happen, as also wonderful happenings do arise. Marije and I met in our virtual Dreampack and our connection evolved into a warm friendship. However, unfortunately, that is not always the case. Before we all go and enjoy […]

About me and blogging

One of the most fun parts of blogging is for me the connecting part. When I notice someone new started to follow me, I always hop over to his or her website/blog and first look for an ‘About’ page to learn more about my neighbor and fellow blogger. Partly, because I am curious by nature, […]

Back to my roots as a blogger

Probably everyone can resonate with the feeling doing something and it just doesn’t quite feel right. My project Beautiful Souls was one of those activities at my blog, I couldn’t put my energy into it for some reason. In 2016 I uploaded pages within basic information from Beautiful Souls I came across in the blogging-world. […]