Sometimes you just can’t think up a decent word

Sharing an ‘oldie’. Originally written March 29, 2016. Still, or again, relevant… Nowadays it seems everyone has an opinion and even more so, feel the need to share. With an emphasis on “seems”, surely people also had their opinions before the arrival of internet Since the internet has evolved, it’s more and more present in various households and social media is used […]

Do we keep discrimination alive?

A while ago, I read somewhere a term used for a woman who wears her hair in a bun on top of her head. I can’t remember the term precisely, because at the time, I thought it didn’t bother me. Lately, however, every time I create this hairstyle myself, a question keeps recurring: “Even innocently […]

When you need to get rid of others out of your soul

Opinions. Belief-systems. Values. Norms. Cultures. We all have them, or are part of them. Readers who have been following me for a while, know I have specific ones. The older I get, the more I study and read to gain knowledge about belief-systems and the opinions, values, norms, cultures of my neighbors. To me knowledge […]

Some random thoughts… ~ Mimosa Pudica

Yesterday, in my home country The Netherlands, it was the day of elections for city councils. Emigrated to Germany, living 30 minutes from the border between both countries, not allowed to vote for this anymore. People always complain about politics, politicians, all what is going wrong in their city, village and only about 55% of […]

I am (a) Mimosa Pudica

Just like my brain threads hop over from one thought to the other, faster than I can write, in this post I will cover several topics, which have been on my mind lately. During the holiday season, I’ve been reading articles and comments of others and anyone who states ‘I don’t reflect’ is, to me, […]


People say the world has gone crazy, as if it is a recent development. Yes, violence and intolerance has increased, again, but humans have been hurting one and another since, well the beginning of time. The difference between then and now; we fight each other no longer for survival. We inflict pain both physically and […]