Other Beautiful Posts by Deborah, John, Jason, David and Joan

Today WordPress informed me I’ve got some new followers again. Excited as any blogger would be, at the same time at bit anxious. For me the amount of followers means that people like what I do, and if you follow me for a while, you already know; acknowledgement is important to me. So, yes, thrilled […]

Other Beautiful Posts ~ K E Garland, Mr Legend, Danicanallen, Tanya Cliff

Reaching out, connecting and acknowledging are very important and by hopping over each day to various blogs/websites and reading the Beautiful Posts written by others, our neighbors, I come across so many exciting, wonderful and/or thought-provoking pieces, I made the decision to share as of today, not just one, but several ‘Other Beautiful Posts’ once […]

Depression: You are NOT alone !

To bring awareness to this subject, but especially for all you dear Beautiful Souls who are feeling depressed, I’ve created this compilation. To remind you, you are not alone. Depending on the level of the depression you are going through, there are various ways to climb out of the dark valley, within you find yourself captured. […]

Important letter by Mathias Sager

Thank you very much for your rich and engaging letter. I would also like to stress that I love you, unconditionally. Please take care and follow your heart, no matter what others are saying. Even if criticism between people can lead to counter criticism, I believe that “the world” in the actual/wider sense is waiting […]