Making the best of that what you can’t control

Making the best of that what you can’t control, might seem easier said than done. Life can be harsh, people can be ignorant and cruel. Although we can control more than many of us seem to be are aware of, there are situations in life we do have to go with the flow. Do we? […]

Do you acknowledge you are a Beautiful Soul?

On one of my main pages, Beautiful Souls, I write about the importance of acknowledging each other and provide a few ways how to acknowledge (blogging/writing) our neighbors. However, it is equally important to acknowledge yourself. As a multi-disciplinary guidance practitioner, I guide neighbors on a global scale and have them reflect themselves by asking […]

Live life the way it makes sense to you

Live life the way it makes sense to you. That is what is about. Creating your unique Dreampack with respect for the one we all live upon. Acknowledging yourself AND all other Beautiful Souls out there. Reach out to them and embrace positives and limitations. Those of others and those of yourself. 

Take control of what you can control (Boost Your Soul)

Breaking old habits and patterns isn’t easy. Life can throw stuff at you, you just can’t control and you might feel lost, even feel out of control. Giving in to darkness, could however become to comfortable. I answered this to Katherin’s question ‘How do you love yourSELF ?’ Pay attention to your body, for instance, if […]