Update March 2018 (My Dreampack)

During March the weather started to improve and I just couldn’t wait to start working in the garden again. As always, I walked around and made a list of tasks to be done. All borders in the garden and courtyard, I had to remove the leaves and dead material of plants, so when the sun […]

Looking forward to the new season

Over here, father winter sometimes still teases us every now and then, but fortunately mother nature sticks to her plan and a new season has started. More days with sunshine always re-energizes me, a good time to bring some new energy into my Dreampack. Also, here at the website, I am adjusting some sections a […]

Brought some spring into my Dreampack

Today, March 20, according to our calendar Spring started officially. In The Netherlands and Germany, the latter my current home country, it means that during March and April we will have days of sunshine, snow, rain, frost. Sometimes even all at once in one day. Nature, like me, not waiting for this official date (set […]

Patience…is just not my ‘thing’ (My Dreampack)

This woman of the Sun is happy the yellow ball is sending more warmth again and spring is about to arrive. I noticed birds returning from the south and several plants are started to grow again. Unfortunately, Father Winter decided to stay a bit longer. Which means we have days with some snow… As always […]

Sowing Season, Cave and Spring Fever (Dreampack)

Call me crazy, call it wishful thinking, but I am starting to believe Spring will arrive earlier this year in the part of Germany we live. Normally, during March and April we’ll have to endure days with snow, hail, sunshine and rain, all on the same day. Over the last couple of weeks, we already […]

Dreampack ~ January 2018

Normally during March and April, we have days with sunshine, hail and rain, thunder… all on one day. Today, I saw all these types of weather passing by to my surprise and now I’m hoping, spring will arrive earlier this year too. It also made me realize: time to start thinking of the upcoming sowing-season […]