Social media part of modern society. Embrace it !

Social media has become a large part of modern society. I saw how the Internet became part of our big Dreampack, rapidly evolved to what it is today. Therefore, I do understand the concerns that people may have about social media. Like almost everything, we can choose how active we want to be in this […]

World peace without loss of individuality, possible?

Almost six years ago, I wrote an article in Dutch, in 2017 I’d translated it into English. The comments then where hopeful. Unfortunately, even with all the wonderful initiatives increasing… hatred, terrorism, still very alive too 🙁  Due to recent events at our globe, I feel the need to re-publish this again. Share your thoughts […]

Emotionsoflive & Mimosa Pudica: Conversation @ Distance: Nothing or All?

It has been a while, due to busy schedules and although we connect regularly…writing together, doesn’t happen as often as we both would like. We hope you like our latest transformation of a conversation into a poem. As always, a pleasure connecting dear Manuel. Lets find time to create another poem soon, ok?! Big hug! […]

Let’s talk about Self-Love (Boost Your Soul)

Timezones…it’s so confusing…going live at 21.00 hours Central European Time, 4pm EST, 3pm in Barbados ?? and 8pm GMT. Still hope to see you all ! Let’s talk about Self-Love Last year, I participated in challenge about Self-Love for one of my dear (online) friends Katherin. I answered this to Katherin’s question ‘How do you […]

Universal Human Rights – Do you know them?

These days violence, intolerance, racism, discrimination seems to increase again. More and more people need to flee their homes and/or their countries, in the hope to find safety and peace elsewhere on our big Dreampack. When even leaders appear to have forgotten our Universal Human Rights, I feel (again) it’s time and very important to […]