What I’ve been doing lately… (Update Dreampack)

What I’ve been doing lately is a lot! Since my last post is almost two weeks ago, high time for another update. Those Beautiful Souls who follow me regularly, know I am always interested in gaining knowledge for personal purposes and to be able to help my neighbors better. With a big garden around our […]

Update July 2018 (My Dreampack)

Woop Woop! Our yearly-three-weeks-of-free-time-together started this weekend, in short holiday 🙂 Since we plan to stay mostly at home, I’ve time to catch up with about 75 fellow bloggers/writers, finalize my third coaching program and other writing/art projects. Today, I will give you an update on our garden, as promised last month. While I was […]

Update May 2018 (My Dreampack)

Already time again for the monthly update of my personal Dreampack. Don’t you just love during spring nature starts to flourish? Some beautiful plants blooming beautifully last month, lost their flowers and start growing further, while others are providing a fantastic spectacle during this month and most likely also next month 🙂 Even herbs are […]

Update March 2018 (My Dreampack)

During March the weather started to improve and I just couldn’t wait to start working in the garden again. As always, I walked around and made a list of tasks to be done. All borders in the garden and courtyard, I had to remove the leaves and dead material of plants, so when the sun […]

Winter preparations ~ My Dreampack

Officially it is not winter yet over here, but it’s getting colder and colder by day. On days it doesn’t rain or snow and the wind is blowing somewhere else on our globe I am still busy in the garden. My husband started to clean our courtyard by removing the dirt and moss, besides it […]

Preparing the garden for winter ~ My Dreampack

We got surprised by Mother Nature, who send us a few more Summer days: a perfect time to start help prepare the garden for winter. Most trees and plants are perfectly capable to take care of that themselves, but some flora need a helping hand. Next week, the weather will go down temperature-wise and then […]