Emotionsoflive & Mimosa Pudica: Conversation @ Distance: Nothing or All?

It has been a while, due to busy schedules and although we connect regularly…writing together, doesn’t happen as often as we both would like. We hope you like our latest transformation of a conversation into a poem. As always, a pleasure connecting dear Manuel. Lets find time to create another poem soon, ok?! Big hug! […]

The season of intriguing and beautiful skies again

The season of intriguing and beautiful skies again; thought it would be nice to share a few of the photographs I took recently. The sky just as the Sun is rising are my favorites. It also reminds me of a poem I wrote together with my dear friend Manuel, published at the beginning of this year. […]

EmotionsofLife & Mimosa Pudica ~ Extinction

Extinction Extinction event Nobody is content. The source still cares Didn’t you feel the tears? Extinction event The one who passed away!!! It even left a scent Is it here to stay? Extinction inevitable Not always preferable Some voluntary Some mandatory Extinction inevitable May be questionable One aspect a certainty That scent means harmony Extinction […]

Beautiful Soul ~ Manuel

~~~ To me a Beautiful Soul is inspiring, open-minded and empathic. Of course, a Beautiful Soul is defined by more, however, these are to me important qualities of a human being  Visit this category every now and get inspired by your neighbors. Acknowledge them by following and like their blogs, websites and articles. Connect with each other by leaving a response at the comment-section Visit […]

Acknowledge by supporting each other…

Supporting your neighbors doesn’t have to cost a lot money, time or energy. Although you should thrive the way you chose to and thus not have your choices depend on other’s opinions, we all like some kind of acknowledgement. In the blogging-world writers and bloggers acknowledge each other via Awards. Since I am enjoying a […]

Mindset ~ Dare to Dream ! (Compilation)

Mindset ~ Dare to Dream ! Last year I created a compilation regarding the topic Depression: You are NOT Alone! and I thought it was high time to create a similar one, this time the topic is ‘Mindset’. When Souls Connect and reach out to each other, wonderful happenings do arise, and therefore I connected with Beautiful […]