Life is a journey of ongoing growth.

Life is a journey of ongoing growth. Life is finite and too valuable to live superficially. That is what I believe. The purpose of sharing my personal manifesto? To encourage you to reflect yourself regularly and strive for a meaningful life too. A life of YOUR choice, to YOUR standards. BE YOU. Who else can […]

An adventure I gladly would have missed

Adventure. I am up for it. On my bucket-list; jumping out of a plane, learning how to ride a motor, travel around the world visiting blogging-friends and some other plans for the future. Recently, I’ve got certified as a Health & Nutrition Life Coach and I decided it was high time to pick up Tae […]

I am (a) Mimosa Pudica

Just like my brain threads hop over from one thought to the other, faster than I can write, in this post I will cover several topics, which have been on my mind lately. During the holiday season, I’ve been reading articles and comments of others and anyone who states ‘I don’t reflect’ is, to me, […]

Other Beautiful Post (plus update)

Before I share a with you the link to a post that I thought was marvelous for many reasons, I have to give you an update on two things: Facebook-page and my teeth. Again, technical reasons hinder my plans. Well, I can be flexible if needed, so I switched my original idea. Created a FB-page […]