Unconditional positive regard and intentions

Unconditional positive regard and intentions. Unconditional. Positive regard, acceptance, love. It has been quite a while that my own brain-threads prevented me from falling asleep. Normally a breathing technique, combined with focusing on one thought (‘do not think’), does the trick. However, this week, some evenings, I found it difficult to embrace the much-needed sleep. […]

World peace without loss of individuality, possible?

Almost six years ago, I wrote an article in Dutch, in 2017 I’d translated it into English. The comments then where hopeful. Unfortunately, even with all the wonderful initiatives increasing… hatred, terrorism, still very alive too 🙁  Due to recent events at our globe, I feel the need to re-publish this again. Share your thoughts […]

Don’t fight the wealthy, fight the greedy.

Slowly picking up where I left it at, here at my virtual Dreampack… re-posting an piece of last year, still relevant today. To my regular connections: until soon! To my new(est) readers: welcome! ~~~ More than a decade, my husband and I have worked hard to get where we are now. We thrive in a […]

Just some thoughts for you to take into the weekend.

Just some thoughts for you to take into the weekend. Last week, I published a post to have you think about the sentence: “Being human is no excuse”. To share your thoughts about it, for the purpose of seeking understanding for different perspectives. Getting close to the end of a study I enrolled in, in […]

Do we keep discrimination alive?

A while ago, I read somewhere a term used for a woman who wears her hair in a bun on top of her head. I can’t remember the term precisely, because at the time, I thought it didn’t bother me. Lately, however, every time I create this hairstyle myself, a question keeps recurring: “Even innocently […]