It’s just a game. Is it?

It’s just a game. Is it? When shocking, violent events occur, my heart goes out to both the victims as the perpetrator(s). Hurt people hurt people. An article I wrote three years ago came to my mind, while I played a board-game with my husband recently. The game is about trying to concur the other […]

Do not forget that our neighbors should not be forgotten

Today, May 4, my home-country remembers all Dutch victims who have been killed or murdered due to war. At 20.00 hours, the whole country is supposed to be silent for 2 minutes to remember, to honor, to reflect and to never forget. Initially, this day was meant to remember the victims of WWII, since 2011 […]

When violence is tolerable, a CEO does good and other stuff

Between enjoying myself in the garden, taking care of the rest of my Dreampack, re-arranging my reading-blogs-of-fellow-writers-schedule there are neighbors who have to endure war. Not just the normal blood shedding fighting (as Trump calls it), nope, attacks with chemical weapons.  As I wrote in my article about bullying, I really believe violence should not be the […]

Oorlog in de zon? War in the sun?

Since yesterday the sun shines in abundance. This woman of the sun is immediately a lot happier despite, once again, an abscess and jaw inflammation. Currently, I undergo various doctor appointments and at the moment I already found out that my lungs are okay, I’m in the pre-menopause and the rest of my body will be checked during the […]