CREATE program


This program, which I refer to as CREATE Program, I developed based on gained knowledge from personal life experiences and several courses. It involves me, being a Master Coach, listening actively with an open mind and guiding you through a process of various steps. Enabling you to create or improve your own Dreampack and thrive.

As a Master Coach I will treat all my neighbors, connecting with me for guidance and coaching, with absolute dignity, confidentiality and respect, as free and equal individuals.

You can read more about my educational background here: Master Coach

Suitable for everyone

No matter your background, upbringing, current situation, gender, age or belief-system, we all want to live meaningful. Creating your own Dreampack, however, depends on your unique preferences, personal wishes and dreams.

Do you find it difficult to create the Dreampack of your dreams?

Do you want to live in a big house, or in an apartment in the city? Maybe you prefer to travel around our big Dreampack? Do you want to stay in the area you live in, or are you longing to live somewhere else? Are you going to thrive alone or with a significant other? Children, pets? Are you enjoying your study/job, do you make enough money to fulfill your personal wishes? Do you take good care of yourself to be able to support the Dreampack of your choice?

Is your Dreampack thriving, but you want to improve and are not sure how?

Connect with me and I will guide you in a way you’ll be able to create, or improve, your Dreampack, yourself!

The CREATE program is an email-based program, which means that you can take as long as you need. Or go as fast as you want ?

Techniques I use:

A combination of Active Listening, Root Cause Analysis, SMART, The Wheel of Life and Rational Emotive Behavior Tools (REBT), Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (Act), Existential Well-Being principles, based upon gained knowledge,  in an emphatic, non-condemning and encouraging way.

What do you get to do?

Sign up and commit yourself to my CREATE program, be open-minded and dare to be vulnerable and honest towards yourself. Provide me the basic information and everything you feel I need to know about you. After completion of the program, I kindly ask you to write a review* about this program and my guidance.

You will receive from me:

  • A confirmation email within 48 hours.
  • Depending on the basic information you provided, I will send you an email with personalized questions to enable you to clarify for yourself, how you want your Dreampack to be, or how to improve your Dreampack.
  • Depending on your pace, additional questions that might arise, we will connect via email until you feel confident to start thriving on your own again.
  • I might send (an) additional email(s) to check in with you and to hold you accountable to your own decision to follow this program. Naturally, you have the option to end the program anytime you want.
  • In about a month after you started to thrive on your own again, I will connect with you once more, to see if you are still thriving your Dreampack as the unique Beautiful Soul you are.
  • All provided information will be deleted after one year. Of course, per written request, I will delete all provided information the moment you want me to do so.

Ready to CREATE and THRIVE?

Read this agreement and fill in this form:

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Looking forward to connect!

Patty Wolters
Master Coach
A way Beautiful Souls thrive

*The only fee I ask for a period of time, is a written review in return.

Acknowledge ;-)

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