No matter our background, upbringing, current situation, gender, age or belief-system, we all question ourselves at times. You may find yourself in a dark place, or you feel stuck in just one of the areas of your life; finding the answers to your questions can be quite challenging.

Life is an ongoing process, change inevitable
and the perfect way does not exist.


We are all imperfect, never done learning and growing. We all need a listening ear every now and then. Confirmation you’re not crazy, support and encouragement. Someone to talk with, providing you a safe place to share your concerns without condemning you. A fellow human being, understanding you don’t always want to burden the people in your inner circle.

Your trust in me and thus confidentiality is sacred to me.

I believe that a conversation between two people should be based on integrity and equality. Even if you currently don’t believe it, you ARE the Master Of Your Life. Therefore, my role during our connection will be providing the listening ear you’ve been searching for. Based on personal experience and gained guiding skills, I will ask you meaningful questions and share my perspective(s) on your situation. Enabling you to find the answers to your questions, yourself.

Since everyone is unique, therefore your questions are too. One conversation could be sufficient to get you back on route again. Connecting at a regular base could be required to discover the root cause of what’s troubling you. Reach out to me if my perspectives make sense to you and

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    <p>After you reached out to me, we will schedule a meeting to connect via Zoom or Skype. Connecting with me is free of charge, however, I will ask you to sign an agreement before our online meet-up. That form is confirmation your trust is sacred to me and at the same time, a reminder our online meeting is meant to be a meaningful connection. As soon as YOU decide you're ready, return the form and we will take it from there...

Step by step, as many steps as needed to Be The Master Of Your Life.

Looking forward to connect!

Patty Wolters

Due to unforeseen circumstances, I will have to cancel all online meetings/events until mid September 2019.
Thank you for understanding. As always, you can reach me via email.

How to schedule an online meeting:

Send an email to:
Share everything YOU think I need to know beforehand.
You will receive an email from me as confirmation and we’ll take it from there.
Since connections with me are pro bono, available slots are limited.

Please allow me to respond with 48 hours.
Looking forward to connect!

Patty Wolters

Building stones I lean on:

No certificate in the world guarantees a person is skilled. For me these certificates are tokens of appreciation of my time spent learning. Which I keep doing for the purpose of gaining new perspectives. In addition, I believe certificates are acknowledgements of time spent improving relevant knowledge to be able to guide my neighbors more adequate. Practice and experience are KEY. Hence, my preference for person-centered approaches in life and study. Learning is a reward in itself. 

Additional courses and workshops, regarding topics as per example depression or nutrition, you can find at my LinkedIn page.


“Patty is a highly empathic helper who puts a special emphasis on actively listening to the client in order to understand the issue.
Through my sessions with Patty, I’ve never felt judged or misunderstood. She gave me ample space to express whatever was in my mind, which she skillfully summarized back to me. Her guidance helped me see things from a much wider perspective, which provided much clarity in my train of thoughts and she helped me work around my issues and move into the direction I wanted to go.
Working with Patty is always a pleasure, even when we work on more complex or tough topics. I can only recommend her.”
May 17, 2019 – D. from France.