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When your own philosophies are tested…

When your own philosophies are tested, emotions as nervousness, frustration and fear could easily take control of your mind. Doubting everything you believe in, and thus stand for, could even lead to a total breakdown.

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Update before summer break, not completely gone !

Update before summer break, not completely gone! As every year, my husband and I will have three weeks free time together. This year we will not jump in the car and drive to Spain. So far, no big renovation plans either. Nope, this vacation will be all about

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Learn to increase your Awareness Intelligence is the empowering new concept of Mathias Sager. As my regular readers know, I truly believe When Souls Connect meaningful connections can be built. In addition, great collaborations are possible. I am very excited about a project Mathias and myself are providing, as of August 1, 2019.