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As a Master Coach I will treat all my neighbors, connecting with me for guidance and coaching, with absolute dignity, confidentiality and respect, as free and equal individuals.

Below you will find an overview and summarize of the certificates I gained over the years, applicable for the support I offer:

Educational background:

Social Pedagogy Worker @ Walram College Sittard, diploma June 18, 1997
As a social pedagogy worker you can work within a range of different settings, with people of all ages. As a social pedagogic you gain a holistic perspective and theories and concepts are based upon related disciplines: sociology, psychology, education, philosophy, medical sciences and social work.
My own belief, upbringing is not only the responsibility of parents; society has a shared responsibility for this, was validated throughout this study of three years.  Addressing social inequality and facilitating social change by nurturing learning, well-being and connection both at an individual and community level; the core of my website.

In 2015 I followed an online study about Nutrition at a Dutch University and during the same year I attended an online workshop regarding the relationship between food and emotional health. Since I always have been interested in why people do what they do, refreshed my knowledge and diploma in basic psychology.

Existential Well-Being Counseling; a person-centered approach @ edX, created by Catholic University Leuven, certificate June 2017.
This course highlighted the following:

  • Live meaningfully and make the best of different life situations
  • Build optimal human relationships
  • Focus on bodily felt wisdom
  • Facilitate emotional, cognitive and behavioral change
  • Improve counseling skills for different working contexts

Besides personal growth and improving skills as active listening, this course strengthened my own belief; the importance of being kind and compassionate towards yourself in order to be able to be kind and compassionate towards other Beautiful Souls.

2018, the year I found a way to combine my passions and start fulfilling my personal purpose.

Professional Life Coach Certification & Complete Guide
This course covered lots of topics and processes, such as: Awareness, Mindfulness, Self-talk, Emotions, Beliefs, Decision making, Taking action, Overcoming fear, Creating change, Finding passion and purpose, Rewriting your life story.

Certified Goal Success Coach
The 4-Steps to Goal Success are: Know what you really want, Believe you can achieve it, Create a concrete plan for success, Stay committed and motivated. This course provided me new tools to help my neighbors in need to achieve goals, whether business, personal or career. To stop limiting their dreams, release limiting beliefs and replace them with empowering ones. It doesn’t mean denying the journey towards goal(s) could be bumpy at times.

Certified Happiness Coach
A course to be able to help neighbors experience happiness in daily life. To find new inspiration and balance. Happiness is a commitment, a commitment embracing that emotion, to be able to be in the now, to be able to choose. The quote is true: Happiness is a CHOICE.

Certified Life Purpose Coach
Besides water, food, and shelter, another basic need of us humans is to find meaning and purpose in life. Being passionate is wonderful, the key, however, is to turn your passion(s) into your personal purpose in life. This course provided me the tools to help my neighbors in need find their truth, their belief-system and self-discover their true purpose.

In May and early June 2018, I completed above mentioned four courses, needed to become a Certified Master Coach @ Udemy, created by Joeel & Natalie Rivera of Transformation Academy.

June 2018
, I finished a specialization course: REBT Mindset Life Coach.

REBT stands for Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy. Joeel & Natalie developed an amazing program, which enables me to help my neighbors who, for instance feel, overwhelmed, depressed, or lonely.  Although the name implies differently, it’s not about therapy, but about actively dealing with the root cause of why you feel the way you feel. Develop a new way of thinking, understand better how your brain and mind works and take back control of what can be controlled.

Aug 2018, I finished ‘Depression Counseling Diploma: Advanced Level-Professional online course’, to refresh theoretical knowledge, learn the latest information and counseling approaches with regards to depression.

Sep 2018, to update knowledge regarding health and nutrition I completed the course Health and Nutrition Life Coach Certification, created by Joeel & Natalie of Transformation-Academy and Sanda Kruger of BellyCore Fitness.

My Programs:

During 2018 I’ve started to create my own programs to guide those neighbors who are looking for a way to grow and thrive or a way to create, or improve, their own Dreampack.

Benefit from reflecting yourself by signing up for the C.A.R.E. Program:

Find more information on this page : C.A.R.E. Program * or send an email to:

connect @

For guidance in a way you’ll be able to create, or improve, your Dreampack yourself:

Find more information on this page : CREATE Program * or send an email to:

connect @

We all have positives AND limitations and, in my opinion, we must embrace BOTH. To be able to enjoy your positives again, it is a necessity to embrace your limitations:

Find more information on this page : EMBRACE Program * or send an email to:

connect @

Read about this website: HERE (click)

Patty Wolters
Master Coach
A way Beautiful Souls thrive

*For a period of time, I will offer the coaching programs for FREE. Well, almost: I will ask you to write a review, because as they say, the sun only shines for free.
Updated September 2018

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