Personal Manifesto 2019

Mimosa Pudica is a creeping annual or perennial herb, also called sleepy plant, Dormilones or shy plant. This herb proves that plants, besides being alive, can react very quickly although they don’t have a nervous system. Proverbial this herb is also called sensitive plant or touch-me-not and therefore in The Netherlands the link has been made to a quick-tempered, touchy person. In Dutch a ‘Kruidje-roer-me-niet”.

June 10 2018, I wrote my first personal manifesto as a gift to myself for my birthday. At times, I re-read this document to reflect; is this still my truth? What am I actually doing to live up to my own written words? Concluded I needed to make some small adjustments and not only in the manifesto itself. Also in my way to live my vision of a meaningful life.

Life is a journey of ongoing growth. Life is finite and too valuable to live shallow. That is what I believe. The purpose of sharing my personal manifesto? To encourage you to reflect yourself regularly and strive for a meaningful life too. A life of YOUR choice, to YOUR standards.

BE YOU. Who else can you be?

January 2019 – Patty Wolters

June 2019: due to maintenance my manifesto is temporarily unavailable.

2 Responses

  1. Beautiful Patty – it’s a joy to read your manifesto. I believe it benefits us all to be consciously aware of exactly what energies we’re inviting to guide our lives and be clear about what we will give our focus and attention to as we craft the ever-evolving, always unfolding best version of ourselves that we can be. You are an inspiration.

    1. Thank you, dear Deborah, for again a heartwarming response. Your beautiful soul is one of my inspirational resources, which I highly value. Warm regards!

Love connecting with my neighbors at our globe :-)

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